2018-2024 XV70 Toyota Camry SE to XSE Headlight Adapter Kit
2018-2024 XV70 Toyota Camry SE to XSE Headlight Adapter Kit

2018-2024 XV70 Toyota Camry SE to XSE Headlight Adapter Kit


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This is a plug n play adapter kit for 8th Generation (2018-2023) Toyota Camry SE/TRD/LE owners that have upgraded their headlights to the factory FULL LED XSE or XLE headlights. No wire splicing, no fuse tapping, all plug, and play, and 100% reversible if you want to trade in your car. No errors ever.

If you have other lighting accessories that you need to tap into, you can tap into this adapter, so you do not have to slice into your factory wires.

Included: 2 Adapters (One Adapter per headlight)

Optimal operation is when vehicle light switch is set to AUTO/ON.

How this harness works and how the upcoming Version 2 of this adapter is different (free upgrades to those that have the first version, just pay for shipping and return version 1 to get it converted to Version 2):

The DRL function is controlled by the vehicle computer, not the lights, and this is very different from the LE/SE/TRD and the XLE/XSE vehicle computer.

The LE/SE/TRD vehicle computer dims the low beam projector lights for the DRL Function on the LE/SE/TRD lights without the DRL LED Array. With the adapter, it will do the same on the XSE/XLE Headlights lights.

The XSE/XLE vehicle computer turns on the DRL LED array on the XSE/XLE lights for the DRL. It does not dim the low beam projector, it actually keeps it off.

With this Version 1 adapter, the LE/SE/TRD computer will send the typical electrical info to the XSE/XLE headlights so it works like such:


Light switch on Auto, bright outside (DRL Mode on):

  • LE/SE/TRD computer dims low beam projector.


Light switch on Auto, dark outside (DRL Mode off):

  • LE/SE/TRD computer turns on low beam projector full power.
  • LE/SE/TRD computer turns on parking lights, this turns on the dim white LED array on the XSE/XLE headlights.

Turning the blinker on:

  • LE/SE/TRD computer turns on the blinker signal and leaves the parking lights on. On the XSE/XLE headlights, the dim white LED array stays on, and the Amber LED strip on the XSE/XLE headlights turn on.


How the XSE headlights work on the XSE computer:

  • With DRL Mode On, the white LED Array is bright. All other lights are off.
  • With DRL Mode Off, the white LED Array is dim, all other lights are on, except blinker.
  • With Blinker On, the LED Array turns off, and the Amber strip blinks.


A new version of this adapter is in the making. It will function as close to the XSE headlights when they are on the XSE computer. The bad news is that there are other components to the plug n play version 2 that is basically computing everything the XSE computer does without the XSE computer, and therefore will cost more - BUT - as soon as it's available you can swap your old harness for the upgrade at no extra cost, just pay shipping and ship your adapter to us for conversion. So buy this one now and swap to the version 2 when it comes out.

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